Saturday, August 21, 2010

Education and Technology - How did you cope with this marriage?

In contrast to developed countries, the discussion about the use of technology in class in Brazil is still incipient. Some private schools already have an IWB (Interactive WhiteBoard) in every classroom. However, in some schools they are not connected to the internet (?!), in other more students have never heard of it. I strongly believe that technology must be intrinsically connected with education since students are exposed to it all the time. They get to school with their Ipods clung to their ears, all of them have a mobile with which they text, transfer files, listen to music, record voice clips and yeah they call. Such other technologies should be inserted into everyday class routine because they are part of students lives and it won't be different at the work place.

Regardless of your nationality and therefore location, I invite educators to join this discussion about inserting technology in class. I would like you to share your experiences and tell us how you managed to get it done.

This blog aims to prove that it is possible to use technology for educational purposes not only in wealthy countries but all over the world. Since it's becoming and inevitable way of dealing with learning.

Please, contribute.

See you in a post :-)


Shelly Terrell said...

Hi Bruno!

I started by bringing in my own tools. I have stations set-up in my classroom and we share the technology. We have a reading station with pillows to sit on and books to read. We have a station with blocks and games. We also have a station with my laptop where kids can record themselves or we can Skype others. One computer that we share and yes with 5 year-olds I have to remind some of them to share but they help each other and learn to share in the process. They also learn collaboration. We also take pictures with my IPhone and use it to play scavenger hunts and make videos. All this is tech I brought into the classroom. Outside of the class my 5yr olds get to use tech with their parents to play games, etc. through a wiki. My adult students have a wiki as well. The majority of my students use their wikis and complete tasks outside of the classroom. I don't require them to use the technology but they love the activities and are motivated! I give a free parents education technology workshop at the beginning of the year and have a video tutorial on how to use the wiki. Hope this helps!

Mrs. Tenkely said...

My situation was a little different, I had all of the technology available in a wealthy private school but no one was using it. Teachers didn't understand the technology themselves and so it sat unused. I sought to give teachers useful ideas for integrating technology into their classrooms that would be easy to do (they wouldn't have to have a lot of tech-know-how) and usually using free online tools (since we already had the Internet connection). That is how my own blog was born.

I am currently working to get iPads in the hands of each student. In a private Christian school this has been a difficult task because we don't qualify for public grants. I am still working at it and will keep you updated with what finally took!

Miguel Mendoza said...

I started usign technology a long time ago...back in the 80s I think...You know a small computer lab for students to practice grammar & vocabulary...but what an effective attention grabber this was!...Engaged children, teens & adults learning on their own...Me just walkign around providing support to the weakest ones...Then I started working for a language company which offered as part of its service a computer-based multimedia learning environment...Here I become familiar with the Web (emailing), some basic computer tools (CD-ROMs, microsoft office) and videos...In 2006, I began working for the British Council in Venezuela, and learned a whole lot about the Web 2.0 tools, open source learning/teaching environments (Moodle)among other things. I'm currently an ICT external consultant for the British Council administering the Moodle platform for a course called Yes ( offered to EFL teachers from public schools in Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. I'm currently taking a course on webcasting. And that pretty much sums up the way I started using technology as an EFL teacher in Venezuela.

Bruno Andrade said...

Hey guys!
Your comments just proved that different backgrounds, facilities, desires, material ate hand can provide the same result.
Thank you very much for your contribution!

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