Friday, October 29, 2010

Youtube goes interactive and educational

One can find almost everything on Youtube nowadays. From how-to-solve-the-magic-cube videos to those which inspire and help us teachers develop in our adventure of teaching.
Firstly, I'd like to talk about interaction, one of the pilars of Web 2.0. Interaction among users is key to a sucessful social media. Blogging, Twittering, Commenting on Facebook feeds all require interaction and that's what drives them to conquer the world we live in. For the very first time you can interact not only by commenting on Youtube videos, but also change the course of the video itself --- AMAZING!

How to use it in class:
When the video leads you to a copy of a youtube page - when in reality is a Flash miracle - ask your students what class of word they can use in the blank (answer = verbs) - Students can come up with as many verbs as they want and see the characters of this great ad acting as they commanded!
This way you can review verbs, commands, verb agreement, pronoun use and the works!

Secondly, I would like to call the attention of educators around the globe to the magnificent strand of Youtube: Youtube Educational Videos.
Inspired by Shelly Terrell's (@ShellTerrell) last post on her blog when she invited Kimberly Bowen to write about Youtube Educational Videos, I decided to give it a try.
At first I used to listen and see TED TALKS as my main imagery inspirational tool. However, I was greatly surprised by some of the EdVideos on Youtube.

Since youtube is quite more popular among students than TED Talks (which is especifically designed to educators)- this tool may help your students foster their learning onwership.

Why Using YouTube Educational Videos:
- Learning takes place not only inside the walls of a classroom. So, it's a nice idea to get students to discover their own learning pace. On Youtube they can watch videos whenever and wherever there's an internet connection. They may watch it how many times they wish as it is not a real-time presentation.
- Students can have the opportunity to access the presenter by commenting on the videos or sending him/her an e-mail. This way, they're not only learning but also building their own PLN.

Have you tried? I'd love to hear from you what your fave ones are!
Here's one of mine:

See you in a post! :-)


Shelly Terrell said...

Great video! I love YouTube's interactive ability. I've seen it used quite cleverly where students click A or B in a video then are lead to the consequences of their choices! This was a video series on digital citizenship. My favorite YouTube channels are in categories which can be found on my YouTube channel,

Bruno Andrade said...

Great, Shell!!
I was not aware of the existence of similar videos! good to know!!! This interactivity that drives me crazy! And so do sts! Very good tool to work in class!
Thank you for your comment! Love u being in PLN..

gret said...

Great post Bruno! I loved the video!
YouTube is a wonderful resource and students love it. We can create lots of meaningful tasks by bringing YouTube into our classroom.
I also love educational videos. I spend a lot of time watching educational videos. YouTube is definitely one of my favorite tools. Thanks for sharing this post!

Bruno Andrade said...

:-) thank you for commenting, Great Greta!

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